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“What separates a good pilot from a professional pilot is a never-ending dedication to learning and revising”
Carsten Borgen – Pilot & Author

The Author

This book is ideal for Pilot Interview Preparation


This book is ideal for Pilot Interview Preparation

Carsten Borgen

Carsten Borgen - Author

Becoming a pilot has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. It is hard to say what exactly drove me towards aviation, as I did not have any family, friends or relatives working in the industry.

As I was making my way through engineering college, various part-time jobs and military boot camp I never lost sight of what was the purpose of it all, to one day put myself inside a real cockpit.

I will never forget my very first flying lesson at the age of 18, a birthday present from my loving parents. A 1-hour discovery flight in a Cesna 152 flying over the lush landscape of Odense, Denmark. I still remember the sights and feeling of that day.

Commercial aviation was not my first choice.


Pilot Interview Preparation

“As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand”
Ernest Hemingway – Writer

The Book

Released in its 6th edition, The Airline Transport Pilot: Complete Note Collection book is culmination of more than a decade of research and writing. What started out as a personal note collection for my ATPL studies later became a compilation of information benefiting pilots around the world. From ATPL studying and exam preparation to pilot interview preparation.

The book is available in 4 printed versions as well as two eBook versions, compatible with IOS and Non-IOS tablets and smartphones. 

Whether one acquire this book to remain current or simply to prepare for exams or interviews, this book will remain relevant throughout ones career until retirement.

Going through the book, one will find the book structured to give maximum information using as few words as possible. The book uses key facts and bullet points to refresh knowledge on the subject matter. Pictures, tables, formulas and graphs are used as they contain vast amounts of information. The IOS eBook version includes 3D models, animations, videos and interactive pictures to further enhance the readers understanding. In the printed versions the most important information is highlighted in bold font, allowing for speed-reading with maximum comprehension. The extensive index at the back of the book or the fast search function in the ebooks makes it very easy to find certain words, subjects, definitions etc.

Within a couple of hours a complete subject matter can be covered.

The book is based on EASA ATPL theory and all information is purely factual. As an author and professional pilot, I use a minimum of 3 separate sources to verify and substantiate any information provided. All information in this book is an interpretation of the subject matter researched from multiple ATPL publications and combined with personal experience and inputs from aviation professionals. This makes the book ideal for revising ATPL theory and for pilot interview preparation.

Airline Transport Pilot Complete Note Collection

Pilot Interview Preparation

421 pages

1200+ Copies Sold Worldwide

Pilot Interview Preparation

Pilot Interview Preparation


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